This is a two hour slot from 15:15-17:15 on Sunday, July 5th 2020.


Please note the following terms and conditions:

- You will pay a sum of £12.00 per person in the group, aggregated to the table. If you book for four people (as an example), you will be seated without social distancing so please take this into account and do not book for any more than those in your household / social bubble.

- The £12.00 (or more, collective to the table) will be used in full for your bar tab. If you go over that, the balance will be payable at the end of the session. If you cannot meet this amount, we are sorry that we cannot refund it.

- In the event of significant incelement weather (heavy rain etc.), the amount is refundable. "No-shows" are not refundable.

- Please note that you will be sat outside. In the event that expected legislation / conditions suddenly change to allow indoor seating, you will be able to choose on a first come, first served basis (but expect to be outdoors. You may wish to bring a blanket etc.).

- There will be no bar service. It is table service only. If we still can't allow the use of toilets, please consider this closer to the time.

- We will operate a strict policy on drunkenness. We know how good it will be to get back to being at the pub and can't wait ourselves. That said, if you arrive in an unacceptable condition you will be refused service and no refunds will be given. Please let's enjoy mutual respect and we look forward to you coming back.

- Any questions or queries, let us know. Cancellations are at least 96 hours (4 days) before the sessions.


See you there!

July 5th. 15:15 session. The pub re-opens!


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